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Web site upgrade to V2.1Beta
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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 12:48

We are pleased to announce that we have just upgraded the website to version 2.1 Beta

What's new in this release?

1. Updated Charts page:
    - Upgraded filters so that filtered fields are now hi-lighted
    - Beam preview when hover mouse over the Beam name
    - Direct download of .ini file basing on your filter
    - Now you can share your feedback about the updated records via thumbs up/down dialogs
    - Improved dialogue boxes for TPs and channels updates

* Please note that you may need to refresh the charts page with CTRL+F5 to refresh the scripts and styles if the charts page appears corrupted

2. Introduced Favorite Beams at footprints page. Now you can add just the beams that you need to your favorite list. You can use this list to download .ini and .xml files

3. Introduced Downloads section
    - Download of .ini files basing on the region or you favorite list selection
    - Download of satellites.xml file basing on the region or favorite beams selection
4. Multiple bug-fixes and adjustments

Should you discover any bugs in this new release please do not hesitate contact us.

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