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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
184 EtestingInmarsat-6 F1 (Inmarsat GX 6A, I6-F1, GX6A)503192021-128AEurostar-3000EORInmarsat plcTanegashima Space Center547021-Dec-2021  Hybrid L-band and Ka-band payloads. 20 Ka-band spot beams that can be directed to deliver additional capacity in key demand and growth areas.
285 WtestingSirius XM7 (SXM-7)472402020-096ALS-1300XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc./Sirius Satellite RadioCape Canaveral700013-Dec-2020  S-band capacity to provide entertainment and data services to tens of millions of subscribers across North America replacing XM-3. After 6 weeks during initial testing a payload failure occurred. The satellite was declared a total loss in February 2021. The satellite has a secondary payload that is functioning for a separate service.
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