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Embedded footprints as a service


Satbeams is a world leader providing satellite footprint information based on Google Maps technology.
Our library contains over 1800 beam footprints of geostationary satellites from all over the globe in Lat:Long format and is updated on a regular basis. Footprints are based on the data available from FCC, directly from SatCom providers and other best available sources.
In addition to footprints Satbeams features a dish alignment tool with calculated elevation, azimuth, Lnb tilt, as well as a direction to the satellite from any given location.

We have over 7 years experience working with Google Maps API and we have developed a number of tools to browse satellite footprints, zoom into them and check service coverage at any place on Earth. We have developed a powerful tool for our clients so that maps can be embedded to any website providing end-users with the best experience to check service availability in any region and dish alignment help.


NewSat has employed Satbeams’ services as a tool to enable their customers to interactively view the coverage NewSat’s satellite network provides. As Australia’s leading independent satellite service provider NewSat specialises in global satellite communications providing tailored VSAT, teleport and satellite services to 75% of the earth’s surface. With two world-class teleports up-linking to 12 geostationary satellites, satbeams footprint technology enables NewSat’s customers to see which satellite will provide superior coverage to their area:


Embedded footprints at NewSat



The implementation of our tool is very simple and flexible so that scalable footprints can be displayed on your web site by replacing the "static images" links with a few lines of code provided by us. Basically, you can get the maps on your website in 1 day and avoid the huge development costs, months of implementation work and further on-going support!


Please follow these instructions to apply for a test.


The service cost is based on the number of map views per month. If you have special needs around the use of satellite footprints our developers can do custom implementation for you. Please contact us for a quote.



Software Development Services



As we specialise on Satellite Footprints we provide a broad number of software related services in this area. Our leading software product is Satbeams mobile application that is available for iOS and Android platforms. We offer customised software solution to our clients basing on Satbeams web and mobile application engine. If you are interested to deploy Satbeams based software solution for you company please contact our sales.



Consulting Services



Over the past few years we have collected a lot of data about the SatCom coverage all over the world and we have it in digital format in our Database. We can analyse and visualise the SatCom service availability in any Band and Region to provide fact-based information for decision making.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need consulting help in this area.



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