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Satellite Name: Chinasat 18 (ZX-18)
Status: failed
Position: 116° E (115.5° E)
NORAD: 44493
Cospar number: 2019-053A
Operator: China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)
Launch date: 19-Aug-2019
Launch site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Launch vehicle: Long March CZ-3B/E
Launch mass (kg): 5500
Dry mass (kg):  
Manufacturer: China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC)
Model (bus): DFH-4 Bus
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15+ yrs.
Call sign:  
30 Ku-band transponders, 9 Ka-band transponders and 2 Ka BSS-band transponders to provide voice, data, image and Multimedia applications such as video processing/transportation and high-data-rate Internet applications. The satellite was successfully launched into geostationary transfer orbit, but suffered anomalies after launch and declared a total loss.
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