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Satellite Name: ARSAT 1
Status: active
Position: 72° W (71.8° W)
NORAD: 40272
Cospar number: 2014-062B
Operator: ARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)
Launch date: 16-Oct-2014
Launch site: Guiana Space Center
Launch vehicle: Ariane 5 ECA
Launch mass (kg): 2900
Dry mass (kg):  
Manufacturer: INVAP
Model (bus): ARSat-Bus
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.
Call sign:  
24 Ku-band transponders to provide data, telephone, and television transmission services for Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Currently being tested at 81 West orbital position
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