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Satellite Name: Hispasat 30W-6 (H30W-6, Hispasat 1F)
Status: planned
Position: 30° W (30° W)
Cospar number:  
Operator: Hispasat
Launch date: 14-Feb-2018 (Estimated)
Launch site: Cape Canaveral
Launch vehicle: Falcon 9 v1.2
Launch mass (kg): 6092
Dry mass (kg): 2623
Manufacturer: Space Systems Loral (SSL)
Model (bus): LS-1300
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.
Call sign: S2969
Beacon(s): 10701.0 RHCP, 11448.0 RHCP
48 Ku-band transponders, 6 Ka-band transponders, 1 Ka-BSS-band transponder, 1 C-band transponder (to replace Hispasat 1D). Planned for IoT at 26W orbital location
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